“’Fight to do what’s right’ is Fernando’s motto and the story of his life is the example of his words.” Dr. Don Martin, Superintendent, Brownwood ISD

“His message to students is a powerful message we can all live by!”
Bruce Davis, Principal, Brownwood High School

“As the teacher is made for the student and the student for the teacher, likewise Mr. Fernando Hernandez is made for this generation and this generation is made for him. That is why he makes a difference in the life of our community and our state.”
Mr. Virgil Cowin, Chief of Police, City Of Brownwood, TX

“For a student to change, he must be moved from within! That’s exactly what Fernando does to those who listen to his story. It’s not just a motivation or impact for the moment, but a solid inner change forever!”
Athens Bean, M.E.D., Licenced Professional Counselor


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