Meet Dr. Fernando Hernandez

Free At Last!

“What I try my very best to keep the closest to my heart are my priorities, a word I never knew growing up. My priorities are my relationship with God, my wife of 28 years and my beautiful seven children, six daughters and one son. And of course the work that I love to do with a passion and with all my heart. Since January 13th 1989, I have dedicated my whole life to change and to be a real example. I’ve tried to do it with integrity, a characteristic that takes all our commitment to accomplish. I’ve tried my best to be a “big red stop sign” for students to stop and really take a hard look that we all have only one life to live… but two ways to live it, the right way or the wrong way, the wrong way leading to destruction but the right way leading to true success in life! My motto, “Fight To Do What’s Right” truly says it all!”

~ Dr. Fernando Hernandez, Founder of I.A.C., It’s A Challenge


A Place Of Honor

Fernando Hernandez is an experienced speaker with a message for you students, parents and faculty. He has had the honor of speaking several times to the Promise Keepers. His story and work with students and young people has been the featured cover story for major global publication magazines like Home Life, Stand Firm- with Billy Graham and his son Franklin, TYC State Journal and Experiencing God with Dr. Henry Blackaby. Fernando has also been featured in many local newspapers and publications.

His story has been in several books such as “The Man God Uses” by Dr. Henry Blackaby and “Revival” by his personal friend, Pastor John Avant. Fernando has also had the privileged of speaking to millions of people on world wide television through T.B.N., Trinity Broadcasting Network by Dr. Paul Crouch. His message has been received by countless thousands of students here in the United States and other countries.

On June 21, 2005 Fernando and his wife Lorena were presented with the distinguished international award;

“Excellence In Community Leadership
International Award”

“For outstanding contributions to society in the year 2004 and 2005 for their life demonstrating the golden rule and the worth they see in others, they are a role model for citizenship and an inspiration to many.”
~Awarded By: The Daryl G Halsey Annual, Lubbock Texas.

“CLASS OF 2017”

Fernando and his wife Lorena were given the opportunity to go back to school and further their education. With diligence and tenacity, they started out strong and finished strong!
God has honored and blessed them both with a Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Christian Theology. Fernando can now be officially be called “Doctor Fernando Hernandez” but don’t let him perform surgery on you because he’s not that kind of doctor!!! :)



“We give Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior all the Honor and all the Glory!” Dr. Fernado Hernandez