Dear Friends & Friends;

Greetings. This is Dr. Fernando Hernandez. My hope and prayer is that you are doing well and that you are being blessed every day. I just wanted to give you an update on how I, my family and ministry are doing.

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your support for the work that the Lord has called us to do. May God richly bless you as we could never do what we do without God putting it on your heart to help us and saying yes to Him and responding the way you always do. There will be many in heaven who will say to you ‘thank you for giving they way you did. It made it possible for us to hear the word of the Lord and brought salvation to me and my family’. We thank Jesus for all He does through us working together. Amen.

We have moved our family and ministry back to Brownwood, Texas. My wife is doing well and still fighting symptoms in her body. Some days she does well and other days, not so well. So please keep her in your prayers. Our children are all doing well. My son, Fernando Jr. has just finished his second year of Bible school and has completed it wilt excellence. He also has become married, moved to Brownwood and is helping us in the ministry as well. My little girl Lorena Love just turned 15 years old and had recently returned from a missions trip overseas in the Philippines. God moved in an amazing way in her life through this time of ministry. Many of my other girls are relocating as well to Brownwood.

All summer long my wife and I have been working hard in what God has called us to do partnering with the school districts in the state of Texas. We have been meeting with principles and pastors in cities all over Central Texas. Many are ready and willing for us to share our testimony with their students in the form of a school assembly for all grades. God is doing amazing things in the hearts of students in the state of Texas. We highlight the school assembly program with a city wide rally where we invite parents, students and the general public. It is at this gathering that we get to share boldly our faith in Christ Jesus. We have seen so many come to the Lord in these rallies, sometimes even whole families will commit their lives to the Lord. It is a wonderful time of ministry. As of this time we have 10 different communities in Central Texas that have opened the doors for us to do these assemblies and rallies. It is our vision to expand this to even more cities in Central Texas and beyond. We are so excited to be part of the blessing God is doing as we go out this school year.

Again, we could never do what we do without your faithful prayer and support. As you know, the expenses of this ministry from organizing rallies to traveling to these cities are significant.  I would like to ask you to pray to God about sowing either a one time love offering or even perhaps pledging an amount on a monthly basis to support us in the kingdom of God and this ministry as we carry out the work this school year. Please consider it as an investment into eternity and into the lives of so many precious souls in need of the hope that we share. Your gift is a financial seed sown in good ground. We know God has promised that He will bless all of those of you who partner with us in the work of the Lord through financial contribution.

I would like to end this letter by praying Deuteronomy 1:11 over you- “The Lord make you a thousand times so many more as you are and bless you as he has promised you!”

We love all of you and will be praying for you and your families, your place of business and opportunitiies so that God will bless and multiply you a thousand times more than you are this day!

Your Brother and Sister in Christ Jesus,
Dr. Fernando & Lorena Hernandez

Call us and contact us to discuss how you can dynamically partner with us in this ministry. Please make any financial gifts to this ministry in the form of checks payable to: Dr. Fernando Hernandez P. O. Box 1405 Brownwood, Texas 76804